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Contract photographer, illustrator, designer and instructor.

Hok Photo Artist offers multiple photographic techniques and services. These include product shots, medical and industrial photos, model-client portraits, architectural photography, documentary, event photography, time lapse and specialized lighting techniques. Hok and his team are available for on-location work, set-design, model hiring, prop acquisition, photo styling, concept designs, rental, and production management. We are based in Portland, Oregon but travel all over the nation for our assignments.

Call us at 205-317-9902.

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Hok has has been a photographer for 27 years. He has a BFA degree in Graphic Design and Photography. His work has been featured in journals, news papers, galleries and HGTV. His photo work was recently published in a 300 page coffee table book about stained glass windows.

“Light Painting” is one of his specialties. This technique invloves lighting up products, sets, and people using fiber optics, portable lighting, wireless flashes, light sticks and colored gels. This takes place at night or in controlled lighting environments and involves long exposures.

Hok spent part of his career as an Apple Certified Media consultant helping clients understand digital media trends. Currently he teaches Digital Photography, Graphic Design, Digital Production, Adobe Photoshop, Color Management and Studio Lighting. He taught two years for the University of Alabama, Birmingham and for three years at Chemeketa Community College in Salem, Oregon. His passion for his trade is evident in his diverse photographic techniques.

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